A different schematic presentation

In the studies ‘Conversion’ and ‘Discipleship’ man is regarded as spirit, soul and body. Here we describe the changes that take place in the spiritual world as a consequence of the choices a person makes, and we present them schematically.

In this short study we put the relationship of authority between a person and Jesus in the picture in a simple manner, showing the change as a result of conversion and discipleship as well.


  • Circle:  a person’s life.
  • Chair:  the place of authority, the throne from where life is directed.
  • I:  the person.
  • Cross:  Jesus Christ.

The population of the world can be divided into three categories of people:

Ander wereld


People who do not know Jesus.

Jesus Christ is outside the person’s life.

I do not know Jesus, or do not want to know Him.
I sit on my throne.
I determine what I do in life.



Ander bekeerd

People who know Jesus in their life.

Jesus Christ is inside the circle of life.
The image of converted man, the believer.

I know Jesus.
I believe that He is the Son of the Living God.
I know that my sins are forgiven through His atoning death on the cross of Golgotha.
I try to live as Jesus wants me to, but hold on to the authority over my life.
I sit on the throne.
My prayer is that Jesus will bless the way I want to go.


Ander discipel

 People who give Jesus the authority over their life.

The believer has ceded his place on the throne to Jesus Christ.
The image of the disciple of Jesus.

I have descended from the throne and have asked Jesus to take over the authority over my life.
I sit at His feet, to learn from Him and to listen to what He has to say about my life.
I place my whole life under His authority.
My prayer is that Jesus will show His perfect way for me, on which I shall be able to receive His full blessing, as He promised: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.   (John 10:10)


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A different schematic presentation.