Online Bijbel

Online Bijbel – Published by Importantia.

This is software that installs a complete library of Bible translations and theological treatises on your computer.
The present edition contains dozens of Bible translations and a lot of Bible study material. As well as using this software as a computer concordance, it is also possible to consult the many theological treatises and Bible expositions.

For a few Bible translations the Strong’s Concordance code number is placed after each word with, for the verbs, an extra code for the conjugation. It is therefore very easy to study words and texts in the original language, by clicking on these code numbers.

It is also possible to search using the code number itself, so that all the verses from the O.T. or the N.T. where that specific word is used appear immediately on the screen. It is interesting to see the different ways in which a word from the original language is translated.