Rebellion in heaven

In this study, which is a sequel to ‘Adam and Eve in paradise’, we shall look at an important event in the third heaven, God’s dwelling place.
An important angel rebelled against God. When that happened is not revealed in the Bible.

Angels were not only created to serve God. In the Epistle to the Hebrews it is stated that angels were also created to serve people:

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? (Hebrews  1:14)

It appears that God did not only create man with a free will, but that angels are also able to make independent decisions as to whether or not to obey God.

One of the most important angels rebelled against God.
Because God is perfect and holy, it is impossible for sin to exist in His presence.
This angel was therefore banned from the third heaven, together with all the angels who had followed him, because of their rebellion.
Since then the Bible calls this angel Satan and the devil, and the angels who followed him, demons.

The position Satan had in heaven, how he fell into sin, and the nature of his character is explained in the study ‘Satan’.

Satan’s rebellion had enormous consequences for events in the world.
Since he was banned from the third heaven, he has been active, together with his demons, in heavenly realms, where there is a struggle against God’s angels, in an attempt to prevent His will from being carried out.
From the heavenly realms they exercise influence on earth, where they reveal themselves to be opponents of God. They attempt to tempt people to be disobedient to their Creator.

A change in world view:

3. Licht duisternis







This new situation also exercises its influence upon the schematic presentation of the invisible world.






Since the fall of Satan there are two kingdoms present in the invisible world:

  • the Kingdom of God, or the kingdom of light, for God is Light.
  • the kingdom of Satan, or the kingdom of darkness, for no light emanates from Satan himself.

Satan and his demons were banned from the third heaven and since then they have been active in the heavenly realms. Here Satan sets himself up as an opponent of God.
The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan are also two separate kingdoms, which are present together which oppose each other in the heavenly realms.
The fact that God created a separation between light and darkness continues in the spiritual world.

In the schematic presentation, the separation between these two kingdoms and the influence they exercise, is represented by a thick black line.
This is not to suggest that light and darkness each have their own demarcated territory in the heavenly realms, but rather that they are opposite each other.
They always remain separated from each other and will never work together.
God will never work together with Satan to achieve His purpose.

Both kingdoms exercise their influence from the heavenly realms on the visible world.
Man remains free to make his own choices in this respect.

This is to be continued on in the study ‘The first sin – disobedience’.


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