Receiving new life

God is a God of relationships.
He created Adam and Eva with the intention of building up a relationship with the, with the expectation that they would also live in a relationship with Him.
A break and a barrier between God and man came about in the relationship through Adam and Eve’s disobedience.
Jesus obtained forgiveness of sins in His death on the cross of Golgotha.
God regenerates everyone who accepts Jesus to new spiritual life through faith in Him.
When that happens the separation from God is removed and the believer is able to go on to live in a relationship with Him.

This is discussed in detail in the studies:

  • Conversion
  • Disciple of Jesus
  • Child of God
  • Power through the Holy Spirit

Illustrated schematically.

12. In open relatie met God

The creation of man.
When they were created by God, Adam and Eve lived in an open relationship with Him.







16. Tot Golgotha

After the Fall.
The relationship between God and Adam and Eve was broken. They allowed themselves to be misled by Satan and became disobedient to God. Through this Satan acquired the authority over the world that God had given Adam and Eve.






18. Na Golgotha

After Jesus’ death on the cross.
During Jesus’ life on earth Satan was unable to seduce Him to be disobedient to His Father. As a result, at the moment when Jesus died on the cross of Golgotha, He took back the power over the world, which Satan had acquired in paradise. At His resurrection Jesus said that all power had been given to Him, both in heaven and on earth. Since Golgotha Satan is only able to exercise authority in the world via the people who give him that authority.





19. Bekeerde mens

Man receives forgiveness of sins and eternal life by confessing faith in Jesus with his mouth (the body). By confessing faith out loud the believer’s soul is regenerated by God to new spiritual life and the soul lives in a relationship with Him once again. This is explained in the study ‘Conversion’.






20. Discipel

Disciple of Jesus.
Jesus instructed the people who believed in Him: Follow Me. The believer who consciously brings his life under the authority of Jesus and follows Him becomes His disciple. When that happens God replaces the ‘heart of stone’ with a ‘heart of flesh’, through which He puts His laws into the disciple’s heart. Talking about this, Paul says that the love of God is poured out in the disciple’s heart by the Holy Spirit. As a result, the disciple – as a soul, via his spirit – completely focussed upon Jesus, in an open relationship with God and the line to the realm of darkness is completely closed. This is explained in the studies ‘Discipleship (1) and (2).



Child of God.
This is another name for the disciple of Jesus. Whoever has focussed his heart upon living according to God’s rules is adopted by Him as a child, through which He gives sons and daughters the same rights. This is explained in the study ‘Child of God’.

Power through the Holy Spirit.
The disciple of Jesus has totally surrendered to Jesus, as spirit, soul and body, and lives – as a result of his conversion – in a relationship with God and – through discipleship – in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
By also living in a relationship with the Holy Spirit, Who was poured out at Pentecost, a disciple will experience the power of the Trinity in his life.


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