Why The School of Life

To get acquainted with life to the full !
A signpost !

We have several ‘teachers’ throughout our life: parents, family, nursery, schoolteachers, employers, colleagues, and friends (male and female) too – simply the people around us. They all exercise an influence on how we think and act.
They each have their own view of life, as a result of which we are exposed to many different opinions. These are sometimes contradictory, so that it can be difficult to choose one’s own way through life.
Nothing gives more satisfaction than getting rid of confusion and uncertainty.

This is why it is important to know that there exists an extraordinary “Manual for Life”.
We are not given this extraordinary ‘Manual’ at birth, even though it was written long before we were born.
t was written for every human being, wherever in the world, and points the way to experiencing full joy and peace in this life.
What one needs to do, is to read and study this ‘Manual’.

The School of Life wants to be of assistance in understanding the ‘Manual’, so that life can be experience as intended.

To the Manual for Life.


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Why The School of Life.