Studies and other text files.

2 or 3 witnesses
A different schematic presentation
A few prophecies fulfilled in the life of Jesus
Adam and Eve in paradise
Baptism – in the New Testament
Baptism – in water and in the Holy Spirit
Baptism – word study
Believing in Jesus Christ
Broken relationships
By Beelzebul
Child of God
Conversion and discipleship in the Old Testament
Creation and evolution
Description of the concepts of gifts and talents
Discipleship (1)
Discipleship (2)
Elders and overseers
Flesh and Spirit, curse and grace
Forgiveness – basic principles 1
Forgiveness – basic principles 2
Forgiving in practice
God created heaven
God created mankind – Adam
God created the earth
God created the woman – Eve
God did not leave His creation in the lurch
God is light
Gossip and malicious talk
Grace – a few Bible texts
Grace – definition
How do we read the Bible
How Satan came to sin
In – résumé and a few Bible texts
In my name / In the name of
Marginal notes about discipleship
Protect them by the power of your name
Pure silver
Reactions to authoritative teaching
Rebellion in heaven
Receiving new life
Satan / The devil – his tactics
Satan an angel who rebelled
Some examples from the history of science
Spirit, soul and body – and the power of trinity
Spiritual Gifts – definition
Spiritual Gifts – introduction
Spiritual Gifts – 1 Corinthians 12:7-11
Spiritual Gifts – Romans 12:6-9
Spiritual life in the church
Structure of the local church
Structure of the universal church
The baptism in the Holy Spirit
The beginning and the end of the O.T. and N.T.
The Bible – A short description
The character of Satan according to Greek terminology
The character of Satan according to Hebrew terminology
The difference between humans and animals
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament (1)
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament (2)
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
The law and the curse
The Manual for Life
The parable of the gabs of gold
The parable of the wineskins
The road to recovery
The sealed source
The significance of the cross (1)
The third person in a marriage
The tongue – in the epistle of James.
The translation of the ‘soul’ in Greek
The translation of the ‘soul’ in Hebrew
This is how we read the Bible
To beget and to be born
To forgive – word study
Where is the soul to be found
Who is God
Why the School of Life
Word study of the little Greek words epi, en, eis